NASA flagbearer Rt. Hon Raila Odinga when he hosted the Nairobi Senate aspirant Edwin Sifuna at his Capitol Hill Offices – file photo


1. That no single Luo should dare attack a kikuyu or destroy their property in any part of this country whatsoever.

2. That common Kikuyus are not to blame for the perpetual atrocities in this country, but rather their leaders.

3. That Uhuru should have ordered police to aim their bullets at Raila as his fierce opponent and not innocent Kenyans.

4. That a breath taking political announcement is due on Wednesday 25th October, a single day to jubilee opinion poll day.

5. That no protestor will be allowed to attack IEBC officials as they execute their plan for the mockery slated for 26th.

6. That NASA supporters shall fully enjoy their right to demonstrate and picket on 26th October, come what may.

7. That no one was invited into this country by the other hence we shall settle our scores on this very land.